Paulo de Tarso Perez


Paulo de Tarso Perez
Paulo de Tarso Perez

Paulo de Tarso Perez is an extremely eclectic author who, like a sponge, absorbs the individual and the collective characteristics and behavior in the places and societies which he crosses.

The author has dozens of titles to publish, many of them related to twenty-one countries where he has been, travelled or lived in.

And besides he has two nationalities: one Brazilian and other Spanish.

He has participated to several courses related to theatre, dance-theatre, drama-theatre, theatre mask making, tourism and many other different professions.

He also has studied Medicine and Languages, taught English and Spanish at a private school in Brazil. He has many other survival professions far way of this writings, but which ones has contributed to a considerable increase of the content and quantity of his works as a writer. These several experiences have passed by an olive farm hard work in the south of Spain, the restorations of historic buildings in Lublin, Poland and even a dinner reception service of the Swedish King and Queen in Brazil, when they were on a diplomatic trip.

One of his travels through Europe provided him with the material to create and publish his two romans.

These varied experiences are described in some 100 pages that include photos, dozens of documents, interviews in magazines, websites and TV, as a presenter of an internet TV.

He has published three following books:

An anthology called “Sun Rise” with other authors when he was studying Medicine in 1995.

A documentary novel called Majdanek, O caminho sem Volta – Maj One Way, in 2009, the result of a trip on the southeast of Poland and many visits in the second largest concentration camp in that country. This book makes is part of the Shoah Foundation Institute collection. This place has been created by the filmmaker Steven Spielberg as testimony of the Holocaust happenings.

A novel of fiction called A Bruxa de Londres – The Witch of London, in 2011. The book is based on the mystical experiences of the author. This book talks about, how the author defines in his back cover: This novel is a mixing of unconventional witch and vampire situations. Because of his fantastic neologism and extra-sensory content, the book seems a senseless experience a disproportionate madness. The significance of these considerations is well beyond the own explicit content that the book recounts.

Both books were present at the 22nd São Paulo International Book Biennial 2012, the largest and most important in Latin America.

The author wishes to publish besides his actual fairy tale, some other books, like plays of theatre.

Between 2012 and July 2015, the author studied History at the Federal University of Sao Paulo, one of the best in the country, of this subject. As consequence of his grades and because he was a brilliant student, he was able, among other things, of participating of a series of academic works of post-doc, as:

– Historical Studies of the Brazilian military dictatorship, from 1964 to 1984;

– Visiting groups of academic studies of museums and buildings, which ones were classified as national heritage;

– Creating an Inter-University Seminar on politics, gender and feminine concepts in the society;

All these projects are currently pursuing their development in the university and serve now as material for his creation of literary works.

The author translates others of his texts, which will be edited and publishes. It is publishing now his latest fairy tale, already translated into French.

He has already started writing the second book of his Witch’s trilogy which is being developed in France since he lives in Paris.

The book will have a new title in tribute to the City of Lights.

Since the creation of his latest books, the author’s intention to translate at least in French, Spanish and English.

So, you have got here, in a very condensed way, a bit of the history of this author who his books are published and distributed by his Brazilian publisher – Barauna. And also, his two latest romans can be get by the big national bookstores like Cultura, Saraiva, Travessa, Martins Fontes, etc, and internationally by


Emile Bernard (musician)


Emile Bernard
Emile Bernard

Degree in musicology at the Sorbonne. His musical career at the Conservatoire de Grenoble is rewarded with 4 gold medals, 3 SACEM’s prize and a piano diploma. Cellist, he has got a gold medal from The Conservatory of Lyon, and then a gold medal for unanimity and excellence from the Conservatory of Rueil-Malmaison.

Emile Bernard works with recitals and in many kids of chamber music in concerts presenting plays which a contemporary art and repertory. With a public degree (cello and musical training): Emile Bernard taught in conservatories in the Paris surroundings.

He is also a member of two groups: Quatour Equinoxe and Duo del Fuego.

Emile Bernard has founded and produce an annual project called Accordissimo.

Site of the cellist and composer :